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  • The Request for School Leaving Certificate if applied before(or on)the fifth of each calender month,the monthly fee must be paid only for that specific month.In case the Request for School Leaving Certificate received later then fifth of each calendar month the monthly fee must be paid for the next month as well.
  • In case the RSLC-001 is applied by the fifth of May,the monthly fee must be paid for whole term i.e uptil August of that specific year.
  • Registration Fee, Admission Fee and Annual Resource Charge are non-refundable under any circumstances .For students leaving mid term,balance payment of the monthly fee is not refundable.No refunds for any payments will be made if student is suspended on disciplinary or academic grounds,and parent/guardian will be liable for paying up for any damages caused to the School property,as determined by the School management.
  • The School reserves the right to hold students progress reports,transcripts,Examination Enteries,SChhol leaving and other certificates if the dues have not been cleared.
  • The time period from the RSLC-001 to the issuance of School leaving Ceertificate is 10 working days provided if all the documents are complete with the school record and the monthly fee are cleared as per Tution & Fee Policy.
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